Presence in media

In this section we would like to mention presence in media, other activities and acknowledgements received involving members of GEMYR.

Censorship and Books in the Modern Age

28/02/2017 Education programme on Radio 3 (Radio Nacional de España – Spanish Public Radio)



Other news

Publication of the Vivesiana Journal


Vivesiana is an annual scientific journal sponsored by the Asociación de Amigos de Luis Vives (Association of the Friends of Luis Vives) at the University of Valencia.

The aim is to publish studies on Juan Luis Vives and the Renaissance. It has been published in the Open Journal System since 2016. It comprises the following sections: works of Luis Vives; Articles (reviewed), Miscellaneous and Books.

Professors Francisco Calero and Marco Antonio Coronel, members of GEMYR, are on the Science and Editorial Boards of Vivesiana respectively.

For more information on the Association and the journal:: https://ojs.uv.es/index.php/vivesiana



Professor Javier Vergara Ciordia participated in the 5th international seminar on Edición y Traducción de Fuentes: Revolución en el Humanismo cristiano. La edición de Erasmo del Nuevo Testamento (1516) (Editing and Translation of Sources: Revolution in Christian Humanism. The Work of Erasmus on the New Testament) organised by the University of Salamanca with a talk on Las obras pedagógicas del humanismo erasmista (The pedagogical works of Erasmus' humanism).




Webpage of the Grupo de Estudios Medievales y Renacentistas (GEMYR) has been updated from 2015 to the present


Financed by the Department of History of Education and Comparative Education, the webpage of the Grupo de Estudios Medievales y Renacentistas (GEMYR) has been updated from 2015 to the present. Through a renewable agreement with the Laboratorio de Investigación en Humanidades Digitales (LINHD) (Research in Digital Arts Laboratory) UNED, the website will be hosted in their server. Since November 2015, http://www.gemyr.linhd.es/ has been available in English.


VÍDEO A series of talks were held about the Colegio de los Ingleses. (Published 19/10/2014)


The Real Colegio de Ingleses (Valladolid) organized a series of talks in commemoration of the 425th anniversary of the school's foundation. The talks were given at the Estudio Teológico Augustiniano in Valladolid. The first conference, given by the professor of the UNED Javier Vergara Ciordia, was titled El nacimiento de los seminarios y el Concilio de Trento ('The birth of the seminaries and the Council of Trent').



VÍDEO presentation - tribute to professor José María Quintana Cabanas, author of the book Pedagogical thought in German idealism and Schleiermacher('Pedagogical Thought in German Idealism and in the Schleiermacher')


The work, which was sent to the press one month before the author's death, contains the most in-depth research yet to be undertaken in Spanish on the pedagogical idealism of Fichte, Schelling, Hegel and Shleiermacher.



VÍDEO Research group: GEMYR (Group of Medieval and Renaissance Studies)


The UNED requested that GEMYR put together a video presentation for its TV channel as part of its series Research Groups. The following members of the UNED and GEMYR were involved: Francisco Calero Calero, Rafael Fermín Sánchez Barea, Beatriz Comella Gutiérrez, Lía Viguria Guerendiáin.



Thirteenth edition of the Premio Nacional de Edición Universitaria (National Award for University Publications) is awarded to the book Diálogo de doctrina cristiana ('Dialogue of Christian doctrine'), by the humanist Juan Luis Vives.


A bilingual edition of Diálogo de doctrina dristiana is prepared by Francisco Calero Calero and Marco Antonio Coronel Ramos, with Professor Vergara Ciordia accepting the award on behalf of GEMYR. The prize is given to the best co-edition with a private publisher. The jury considered that with this work "we recover an important text, a key piece of Spanish scholarship and a classic study of Christianity in Europe (...) The solidity of the editors' historical, philosophical and theological formation is a guarantee of a detailed, critical and rigorous undertaking."

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